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Biblical and Liturgical Formation Resources

A remedy for liturgical abuse is Biblical and Liturgical formation. Discover resources below to begin your journey of formation. 

During Lent 2022, Relevant Radio is offered a free Lenten video-a-day series on the Mass. You can see past episodes here:

The Institute of Catholic Culture offers free lectures and in-depth courses covering a wide range of topics, including the Bible and the Liturgy. Below are a few recommendations for study.

The ICC's in-depth liturgical formation course Sacred Liturgy: History & Principles of Christian Worship is now available on-demand in their course library. 

Sacred Signs: Pointing the Way to Heaven with Rev. David Anderson (This lecture may help with understanding Pope Francis' apostolic letter, Desiderio Desideravi.)

Liturgy & Life: Restoring Liturgical Catechesis with Rev. David Anderson

Roots of the Mass: A Study of the Jewish Influence on the Divine Liturgy with Rev. Paul Schenck

Meaning of the Mass with Rev. Hezekias Carnazzo (audio only)

The Mass: Reform, Ruin and Restoration with Daniel van Slyke, Ph.D. (audio only)

The Spirit of the Liturgy with Rev. Hezekias Carnazzo (audio only)

The Reform of the Reform. A Liturgical Debate: Reform or Return? with Rev. Thomas Kocik (audio only)

Liturgiam Authenticam: The True Story Behind the New Translation of the Roman Missal with Rev. Jerry Pokorsky (audio only)

Msgr. Charles Pope blogs at Community in Mission. His articles on the liturgy include:


Three Underappreciated Acclamations of Eucharistic Piety 

In this article, Msgr. Pope explains the The Mystery of Faith (Memorial Acclamation), the Amen, and the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God). 


Pope Francis' motu proprio, Traditionis Custodes, which restricted the use of the Latin Mass, raised questions about some traditional elements of the Liturgy. Here are some explanations of these issue:

Ad orientum -- What is ad orientum? What is its history?

Learn more here:"Backs to the wall: Can bishops ban 'ad orientem'?"

Latin -- What is a sacred language? How does it come about? Is Latin the only such language? 

Why Latin Is the Right Language for Roman Catholic Worship” — Full Text of Dr. Kwasniewski’s Cleveland Lecture. Scroll down for the full video, including a Q&A.

Pope Benedict XVI's Quotes on the Liturgy

A parish in Orlando, FL has compiled a helpful page of quotes from Pope Benedict XVI about music and other liturgical issues, including liturgical dance, the use of Latin, and many more.

For information on music check out the following: 

John Gaffney, Music & Liturgy, Compositions & Workshops Facebook Group and website.

Foretaste of Heaven: Celebrate Authentic, Noble, Prayerful Roman Liturgy

CanticaNOVA Publications has many helpful page, including Liturgical Planning. Their page "Musical Musings" has links to many categories, including a Liturgy category with subcategories which includes a section on documents. It is all worth exploring!

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