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Liturgical Abuses

Top 10, According to Catholic Answers

The 1999 article, The Ten Most Common Liturgical Abuses by Kevin Orlin Johnson Ph.D, lists the following: 

1. Disregarding the prescribed text of the Order of Mass.

2. Interrupting the Mass.

3. Omitting the penitential rite.

4. Replacing or omitting the homily.

5. Dictating posture.

6. Dictating the manner of reception of the Eucharist.

7. Ignoring rules for reception of the Eucharist.

8. Holding hands during the Our Father.

9. Performing liturgical dance.

10. Closing the holy water fonts at some seasons.

Postscript: parish-hopping.

For more information, read the article. Also see: Eucharistic Prayers, changing, Eucharistic Prayers, not naming the Pope or BishopDance and Hands at the Our Father

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