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Archdiocese of Hartford

Sculptures at the front of the Cathedral of St. Joseph, Hartford, CT

Prayer for Vocations

On the first Sunday of Advent 2022, Archbishop Leonard P. Blair replaced the praying of the St. Michael prayer after Masses with a prayer for vocations.


Archbishop Leonard P. Blair's Decree of September 11, 2018 requires one hour weekly Eucharistic Adoration in each parish in the Archdiocese. 

St. Michael Prayer

As of the first Sunday of Advent 2022, November 26/27, Archbishop Blair has directed that a prayer for vocations replace the praying of the St. Michael prayer after Masses. He hopes that we will pray the St. Michael prayer privately.

2020 Survey of Online Masses

During the pandemic of 2020, I conducted a survey of online Masses in the Archdiocese to check for the St. Michael prayer. See what else I learned in the survey.

2021 Survey

Updated and expanded survey for the St. Michael prayer and Adoration as per Archbishop Blair's Decree. Includes a table of collected data for all parishes. 

Archbishop Blair on the Liturgy

The Archbishop answers questions in the radio show and podcast, The Archbishop's Corner. His answers to liturgy questions are found here.

Ask Archbishop Blair

Ask Archbishop Blair your questions which he may answer on The Archbishop's Corner. You may also write to him.

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